Mission Statement & Service Standards

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Enrollment Management is to strategically plan, implement, and assess services and programs which facilitate student preparation for college, recruitment, enrollment, and graduation. Consisting of the Office of Admissions, Office of Transfer Services, Registrar's Office, College Access Partnerships, Office of Financial Aid, and University Scholarships, Enrollment Management is committed to designing, implementing, and providing the services necessary to promote student success from pre-enrollment to graduation. To achieve the goals outlined in the University's Strategic Plan and exceed the imperatives required in UNC Tomorrow, the system's plan for service to the needs of the state, the Division of Enrollment Management strives to ....

  • Maintain optimal levels of enrollment to achieve the goals outlined in the University's Strategic Plan.
  • Increase matriculation and retention of high-achieving students, with a focused effort on increasing students of diverse and international populations.
  • Honor the University's founding principles including a special attentiveness to the people and needs of Appalachia, and the Appalachian region.
  • Create connections and work collaboratively in a strategic fashion with campus agencies including university college, distance education, academic departments and colleges, student accounts, and institutional research, assessment and planning to enhance Appalachian's ability to attract, retain, and graduate students.
  • Provide transparent communication, operational efficiencies, user-friendly services, technological advancements, and partnership-building experiences across campus.
  • Develop leaders with vision, integrity, inclusiveness, sound judgment, wisdom, and energy, engendering a team approach across our integrated functions.

Service Standards

Enrollment Management employees created these Service Standards, in prioritized order, to guide our service to students, families, and colleagues:

  • Accuracy
  • Responsiveness
  • Approachability
  • Empowerment

To evaluate our service, each staff member includes a link to a service survey in their email correspondence. Staff members with the most positive service surveys are named Customer Service Heroes.