Enrollment Planning Council

The Enrollment Planning Council is an executive group that constructs enrollment projections for the University and meets monthly to...

  • Consider large-scale, fundamental enrollment issues
  • Coordinate the creation of a strategic plan for enrollment management
  • Approve enrollment initiatives as they align with the strategic plan for enrollment management
  • Set priorities for sub-groups based upon each group's goals for the academic year
  • Communicate with Deans Council, AP & P, and Chancellor's Cabinet, as needed

The EPC includes 8 standing members and 6 sub-group representatives. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management serves as chair.

Standing Members

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management 
  • AppState Online  (Dr. Ben Powell)
  • Graduate School (Dr. Michael McKenzie)
  • IRAP Director (Heather Langdon)
  • Student Development (Matt Dull)
  • University Communications (Megan Hayes)
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (Dr. Mark Ginn)
  • Business Affairs (John Adams)
  • Admissions Committee (Dr. Mark Zrull)
  • AppLEAP (Technology) Chair (Tena Gulliver)
  • Associate Deans Representative (Jay Jackson)
  • Student Success Team Representative (Greg Lester)
  • Transfer Services Team  (Jeni Wyatt)
  • Undergraduate Recruitment & Transition Team Chair (Kimberly Holley)
  • University Advising Council Chair (Greg Lester)

Group Descriptions