Scholarship Advisory Council

About the Scholarship Advisory Council

The Scholarship Advisory Council continues the work started by the Spring 2012 Scholarship Advisory Council in determining policies and procedures for scholarship administration and further determining evaluative structures to ensure scholarships are being utilized to meet strategic initiatives as outlined in Appalachian's Strategic Plan. The charge to the Scholarship Advisory Council includes the following:

  • Meet at least once per semester to review and evaluate recommendations and progress towards meeting enrollment goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Research and identify the appropriate funding level (i.e., "magic number") for merit scholarships compared to cost of attendance for students to better attract targeted students to Appalachian.
  • Make budget allocations for New River Light and Power and Bookstore funded merit scholarships based upon strategic initiatives. Distributions should be made by percentage for varying populations (e.g., transfer, international, diverse, academic profile, etc.).
  • Review annual report of yield rates for scholarships offered.
  • Monitor yield rates over time and make adjustments in scholarship allocations after three years based upon evaluation results of effectiveness of scholarships in yielding targeted students.
  • Recommend innovative scholarships programming (e.g., "Leadership in Community Service", "Leadership in Environmental Sustainability") and targeted recruitment of students who demonstrate this affinity.
  • Advise the Director of Scholarships in identifying processes and procedures for more effectively administering the continuing student scholarships that are awarded by academic departments.
  • Identify processes and procedures for more effectively administering study abroad scholarships to achieve goals outlined in the Quality Enhancement Plan.


The 2021-2022 Scholarship Advisory Council includes 20 members appointed by the Provost:

  • Wes Armstrong, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Cindy Barr, Enrollment Management
  • Talana Bell, Business Affairs
  • David Jamison, University Controller
  • Christian Clayton, Foundation
  • Jason Miller, College of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Matt Dull, Student Development
  • Geoff Graham, University Advancement
  • Mike Madritch, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Holly Hirst, Mathematical Sciences, Faculty Chair
  • Marie Hoepfl, Williams Graduate School
  • Jay Jackson, Hayes School of Music
  • Denise Levy, Beaver College of Health Sciences
  • Martha Marking, University Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Terry McClannon, Reich College of Education
  • Tracy Reed, Walker College of Business
  • Lynn Patterson, University Library
  • Kimberly Holley, Admissions
  • Jefford Vahlbusch, Honors College
  • Amy Roberts, Finance and Systems, Campus Services
  • Bailey Gardin, Student Body President