Enrollment Planning

Enrollment Planning Council

The Enrollment Planning Council is an executive group that constructs enrollment projections for the University and meets monthly to: consider large-scale, fundamental enrollment issues; coordinate the creation of a strategic plan for enrollment management; approve enrollment initiatives as they align with the strategic plan for enrollment management; set priorities for sub-groups based upon each group's goals for the academic year; and communicate with Deans Council, AP & P, and Chancellor's Cabinet, as needed.

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Transfer Symposium

The aim of the Transfer Symposium is to raise awareness about transfer students and the issues they face, so that faculty and staff can better understand the students with whom they work. There are several ways in which faculty and staff can get involved to support transfer students at Appalachian. Presentations and other conference materials are available in the Tool-Kit on the Transfer Symposium site

Scholarship Advisory Council

The Scholarship Advisory Council continues the work started by the Spring 2012 Scholarship Advisory Council in determining policies and procedures for scholarship administration and further determining evaluative structures to ensure scholarships are being utilized to meet strategic initiatives as outlined in Appalachian's Strategic Plan.

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